Initial studies, preliminary study and proposals

  • Mechanical projects
    • Plumbing and hot water production
    • HVAC projects
    • Medical gases
    • Fire extinguishing installations
  • Electrical projects
    • Electrical services, power supply
    • Natural and artificial lighting simulation
    • Lighting design
  • Control and low signals
    • BMS Controls
    • Low signals
    • Fire detection systems
    • TV/FM
    • Security systems, antitheft
    • CPD Design

Basic projects and projects for Government and Local authorizations

Initial studies, preliminary study and proposals


Official permits

On site control

  • Initial project study for accomplishing Owner needs
  • Coordination between specialities
  • Verification that the project runs in accordance with the project schedule and budget
  • Leadership of project meetings and supply of detailed status reports to the property Owner
  • Quantity surveyors for building services
  • Quality control in building services


Energy Certifications

  • Energy simulations
  • Project Management in BREEAM
  • Project Management in LEED

Energy simulations

  • Calener
  • Lider
  • Energy plus
  • Design Builder
  • eQuest

Energy audit and M&V

  • EVO ©Certified (Efficiency Valuation Organization)
  • Processing of grants