72-Bed Geriatric in Barcelona

Located in the Eduard Toda street nº41-45 in Barcelona. The geriatric project involves the refurbishment of an existing building. The building consists of 72 beds, a mobility room, a physiotherapy room, a podiatry room, and a medical and psychology room.

This project provides air conditioning facilities  system using a direct expansion refrigerant flow and variable operation of heat pump units with internal ceiling duct. We have established various subsystems, based guidelines and floors of different uses.

Regarding the lighting, the overall system is based on a central system capable of controlling  all the areas of the building.

All systems are focused to achieve optimum energy efficiency. Classified as grade A.

Architects: Eva Rus Cabanas / Matthias Hilgert / Mariana Plana Ponte

Total area: 32.691,93 ft² (3.037,18 m²)

Year: 2010