Public Library in Girona

The New Public Library in Girona run by the Ministry of Culture , located in the Emili Grahit’s Street will be equipped with multiple rooms, auditorium, space for children and multi-purpose rooms, cafeteria and consultation areas.

The building facade is a DoubleU-Glass  skin, allowing a gentle filtration of light in its interior, and disposes different green courtyards and facades which allow a bio-thermalcontrol system of the building temperature. Facilities are designed according to the purest aesthetic criteriaand yet offering a high energy output, as the building is classified as Class A and the average energy consumption is 37% compared to a standard building.

Our participation is been present  from the beginning of the project, developing all the initial studies of competition, previous studies, thermal and energy simulations, and finally executed projects and activities. Different solutions have been proposed as the triple use of extraction air, the temperance of the air chambers of the facade, the integrated lighting of centralized control system, the high output equipment, green wall systems, etc… which give the building a high thermal comfort,both  visual and acoustic as well as all facilities will be easily and centrally maintained.

Architacts: Corea & Moràn Arquitectura

Total area: 86.886,29 ft² (8.072 m²)

Year: 2009-2013