Fire Station in Llançà

This equipment is located on the corner of the Països Catalans avenue with the Eight March avenue.

The building has two floors, where the different units of the installation are distributed. Thus, on the ground floor, the main hall separates the work area from the service. The first of these areas are where the garage is planned with an efficient CO2 removal system.

A garage, a small warehouse, an area for cleaning of personal protective equipment (PPE), a control room and the office of chief park complete the work area, the design of all systems installed plants have adapted to the needs of this area. The service area includes the changing rooms and toilets for men and women as well as a meeting oom, a training room and a gym.

Upstairs you have the rest areas of personnel on duty and the kitchen, dining room and living room, plus toilets and space for cleaning. This plant has been optimized efficiency and sustainability of all facilities along with maximum comfort for users of the building.

Architects: Patricio Martinez, Maximià Torruella, arquitectura

Total area: 19.019,83 ft² (1.767 m²)

Year: 2009