“K2 CONSULTING, S.L. is an engineering services company, that deals with installations in buildings, both in the edification and industrial sector”

We offer a complete engineering service and firmly commit ourselves in working side by side with our clients, right from the start, in order to find the best solution to their requirements, to integrate installations into architecture and to achieve, therefore, a product of the highest quality.

K2 CONSULTING, S.L. was founded in 2003, as a result of the ambition and illusion of their partnerss, who were highly qualified professionals with a wide experience in the field.

We deal with a great variety of projects and with assignments of different magnitudes: from specific collaborations and assessments, to complete projects and buildings up to 180.000 m2 with budgets of 15 million euros. Our clients are both public and private and we offer them the Project Management of their investment.

We know what society needs: flexible, competitive and multidisciplinary teams. We are aware of it and pay also particular attention to our permanent and continuous training.